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Accounting for your Future....

In all business, planning business going forward is the key to success and achieving goals.

There are some easy steps to take to make sure that business can achieve their goals and check their financial health and if you would like us to help then please make sure you as us.

Some things to think about when starting your business are:

  • Have a plan, even if it is written down manually.
  • Create a goal - have something to aim for and focus on
  • Get clarity on what you provide as a service or product
  • Ask for help if you need to get your goals in order 
  • Regularly check your progress - if you are a visual person, create a chart to follow
  • Always pay your tax - the IRD will not go easy on you even in your first year
  • We like the idea of having a business "buddy" (for the want of a better word) to catch up with every month to talk about the business
  • Remember that doing your trade well does not mean you can run a business well - ask for help
  • Do you have enough money to start up - you will need working capital so plan carefully
  • If in doubt, ask.... we have a vast range of smart people in our network we can call on for help if needed.

Some things to think about when buying a business are:

  • Have a plan, even if it is written down manually.
  • Create a goal - have something to aim for and focus on
  • Check the "real profit" to make sure that all is correct - get a second opinion if needed

Here is an idea of what we will do for you….

Annual Account's and paying your Tax

Good Kiwi Smaller Business Accounting

  • Annual Financial Statements files with the IRD You must do this if you are in business
  • Business and personal income tax returns You must do this if you are in business
  • We will tell you how much tax you have to pay and when If you run a Good Kiwi business you will need to pay tax
  • Liase with the IRD over matters that need attention To make sure everything is all okay
Because we think it is really important that you keep an eye on how your business is going then we also provide you with management accounts and a brief review twice a year at no charge as part of the above package.

GST – Every 6 months, every 2 months or monthly?

There are different rules around when you should pay GST – if you click here you can see more information on this – the easiest way is for us to see your accounts and advise you on which approach is best

If you want to make sure your GST is done properly every 2 months then we can do this for you as well.

We will supply you with a Cash Flow statement with each GST Return free of charge so you can see how your year is tracking.

Other services we provide to our Good Kiwi client's are:- 

  • Preperation and filing of FBT returns
  • Monthly or 3 monthly management reporting to make sure you understand where your business is up to
  • Management meeting's – usually held with you online to discuss your business and any concerns you have or we have
  • Looking forward financially (otherwise known as forcasting) to map out how much money you will have in the coming months and years
  • Business Valuations – you may need these for your insurance or if you want to sell
  • Financing – if you need money to expand, help cashlow, restructure etc then we will help you do this
  • Reality check – if you are ticking away in your business and want to see where the potential is then we can help
  • Special projects – anything from preparing to go to tender to full business analysis – tell us what you need
  • "I am sick of this!" meeting – working too many hours, for less money, and the weight of the world on your shoulders? Come and talk about the options available to you.
And much more...

What our clients say...

  • I would like to thank you for your outstanding service with my annual accounts and tax returns. After many years with a much larger firm I can honestly say that the service you provided was first rate compared with what I have experienced in the past.
    - Bernie Schrader, Bernbrenz Property Ltd
  • The Good Kiwi Accounting Company is taking care of my two monthly GST returns and annual financial statements and I am saving almost 40% in accounting fees. I have dealt with numerous accountants over the last 5 years, and by far Abhay at The Good Kiwi Accounting Company has to be the best accountant I have ever dealt with.
    - Sumit Monga, District Representative, Combined Insurance
  • The Good Kiwi Accounting Company has helped us out with GST, cashflow and endless advice. Abhay's financial advice and support during the earthquake has been a great help. Thanks!
    - Sharyn Foote, South of India - Manchester Street
  • We have nothing but praise for The Good Kiwi Accounting Company.Their service has been fantastic, prompt, friendly and we would definitely recommend.
    - Monique Newman, Property Investor, Christchurch


Tools & Resources

Because we believe in helping you as much as possible, we have supplied a bunch of business tools below that you can use any time you need them.

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